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This Vito Marcantonio web site is dedicated to commemorating and continuing the work of a great leader of the American Left. Vito Marcantonio (1902-1954) represented East Harlem in the House of Representatives for seven terms. He acted as floor leader for major civil rights legislation, submitted five bills for Puerto Rico’s independence, led the fight against the Cold War, and rallied to prevent the passage of the anti-labor Taft-Hartley Act. In his last term, he cast the sole votes against House Committee on Un-American Activities’s contempt citations and against the Korean War.

“Marc” served as state chairman of the American Labor Party, and was a founder of the Progressive Party. He served as attorney for Pedro Albizu Campos, W.E.B. DuBois, William Patterson, Ben Gold, as well as the Communist Party. A protégé of Fiorello LaGuardia, he lived his entire life in Italian Harlem. Through his creation of a coalition of East Harlem’s Italian-American, Puerto Rican, and African-American communities, and the mobilized support of the Left, he became the nation’s most electorally successful radical of the last century.

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The Vito Marcantonio Forum Has Been Launched!!!

On October 2nd 2011, The Vito Marcantonio Forum officially formed with great success. Look out for new developments including a new site, vitomarcantonioforum.com Founding members include:

Rita Barakos
Charles Bayor
Jackie DiSalvo
Gil Fagiani
David Giglio
Maria Lisella
Larry Lubin
Andrew McCabe
Adam Meyer
Gerald Meyer
Matthew Murtagh
Roberto Ragone
Rosemary Siciliano
Stephen Siciliano
LuLu LoLo Pascale

Check out the forum’s website at:


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